Training at the ANU Judo Club


Training at the ANU Judo Club
The ANU Judo club provides a welcoming atmosphere to all Judo players, whether they be newcomers to the art, or grizzled veterans. Head Coach Peter Chung has been teaching Judo for many years and at the ANU club is assisted by coaches Stewart Plain, Terry Frankcombe, Tim Moon, Chris Kennell, (coach from the British Judo Association), and regular black belts are always happy to give some tips on the finer points of the art to less experienced players. It doesn’t matter your Judo goals ANU Judo club can help you meet them.
One unique feature of the ANU Judo club is that by being associated with ANU Sport we have access to wide range of additional training options. The Judo club partipates in the Club Development Program and has access to discounted gym memberships which provides a wide range of opportunities to improve their skills, and physical athleticism needed to perform at their best. The club also organises group strength and conditioning training with ANU Sport prior to major events such as the Uni games.

ANU Judo Beginners (Lifestyle) Course
The beginners course is designed to teach the basic principles of Judo and to enable you to practice various techniques with confidence. You will learn how to fall without injury, improve your balance and co-ordination and be able utilize an opponent's strengths and aggression to your advantage. The basic techniques of Judo are divided into throwing and ground work techniques. The aim is to throw your opponent to the mat with a throwing technique and when not in a standing position to use grappling techniques classified as immobilizations, strangles or arm locks. Participants are taught how to safeguard themselves from injury and techniques are applied in a controlled manner. ANU Sport schedules classes at the start of each semester. Prospective beginners are welcome to call around to any of our training sessions to have a chat and even trial a class. In Judo, you’ll develop some skills and will actually get to see how effective the techniques are during freestyle practice during the class.

State Squad Training on Saturdays
Graded club members are encouraged to gain wider experience by training on Saturdays 2.30-4pm with the ACT state judo squad held at Hill Sports ACT (14 Purdue St Belconnen).  Training with the squad for a number of qualifying sessions early in the year is a requirement for those wishing to be considered for the ACT team. Attendance will allow you to learn from state coaches and train with other ACT judoka. There is no cost to you as your membership of Judo ACT enables you to train with the ACT State squad.

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